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Political Peach News is a biweekly email newsletter covering topics of concern in Georgia. Focusing mostly on governmental policy issues, the Peach lifts up the under reported, connects the dots, and highlights information from national sources that have implications in Georgia. Each issue has one opinion piece, a few “short takes” and suggestions of articles or podcasts of interest.

Lifting Up Important Stories in Georgia

Certain issues in Georgia  are not getting the media coverage they deserve, and important aspects of other issues that are not being discussed. The Peach amplifies voices from Georgia progressive groups and individuals. Krista writes about and interviews progressive activists and  leaders who are not often quoted or even noticed by mainstream media. The Peach  highlights significant statewide and local policy battles, including redistricting, the voter suppression, the proposed mine near the Okefenokee Swamp, and the Atlanta police training facility.

Meet the Author

Krista Brewer is a native Atlantan who has a professional background in writing, reporting and editing. For several decades she has closely followed Georgia politics, focusing on topics such as healthcare, voting and immigrant rights, and budget and environmental issues. She is active on Twitter and invites readers to follow her @KristaRBrewer.

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